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The VERSIS SYSTEM is a World-First Patent-Pending concept developed exclusively by 4V Design. The name VERSIS derives from the combination of the Italian words “VERSATILE” and “SISTEMA”, that means Versatile System. Components can be purchased in basic kits, like the VERSIS UP and SL, or in more complete kits, like the VERSIS DUO, TWIN and TRIO kits. The VS optional accessories allows to assemble different configurations to carry one, two or three cameras. The VERSIS SYSTEM can be connected to the camera in two different ways: To the bottom of the camera by the GIRO attachment or the 4V Quick Release plate (both attachment are also available as optional accessories), or directly to one of the strap connectors on the top of the camera. The connections between the various parts and components are solid, reliable and fast thanks to strong roller buckles, carabiner hooks and double leather layer connections. The VERSIS SYSTEM is completely modular. It growths with your photographic skills and it can be quickly assembled or disassembled to adapt to any shooting need, right in location. This break-through innovation is extremely versatile and it offers great benefits also in terms of weight savings when travelling.


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