The 4V Quick Release Plate is a convenient and smart solution to connect the camera to both tripod and two straps. The plate is 60mm long and it features a standard ARCA STYLE profile. It is compatible to all Arca standard Tripod Quick Release Adapters. The plate width is 38mm (34mm on the dove tail narrowest point). It is beautifully machined in aluminum with a top quality black and silver anodized finishing. This 4V QR Plate is the perfect solution for the advanced photographers that need to use a sling or hand camera strap, a tripod and a quick release system. The plate includes two separate strap connections: one is dedicated to sling straps, the other to hand straps. This twin strap connection makes this plate a very versatile solution for the discerning photographer.
The connection dedicated to sling straps is foldable into the QR plate and it can be set in three positions thanks to a spring system. This hook is compatible with third parties sling straps available in the market. The other connector is fixed and 19mm wide. It is a perfect and convenient connection for the most popular hand straps in the market. The QR plate is secured by a 3-in-1 1/4” screw: it can be locked by a 4mm Allen Key (included), a coin or by hand using the incorporated D ring.

• Standard “Arca” style profile
• Compatible with all QR “Arca” standard adapters
• Two strap connectors for sling and hand straps
• 3 position foldable sling strap hook
• 3-in-1 locking screw
• Beautifully anodized in black and silver


The 4V QR plate offers two different camera strap attachments. One attachment is fixed and positioned at the front end of the plate. By installing the plate in parallel to the camera this attachment is very convenient to connect a hand strap. The second attachment is placed at the bottom of the plate and it is dedicated to camera sling straps. This attachment is foldable and it can be locked into three positions thanks to a double spring&ball system

The QR plate offers a very strong and practical connection to sling straps. The connector is machined of solid aluminum with rounded edges to ensure a great comfort and to avoid any interference with equipment and photographer’s body. The connector can be beautifully folded inside the plate when not is use. When the strap is attached, it can be set in two fixed position thanks to a spring&ball system.

This 4V QR plate features a standard “ARCA” dovetail profile. It is compatible with all tripod head Quick Release adapters with standard “ARCA” profile. The 4V QR plate dovetail profile is 38mm wide on the outside and 34mm on the inside.


Max Load 10kg
Size (LxWxH) 60x38x9,5mm
Weight 47gr
Attachment Screw Thread standard 1/4 - 5mm length
3-in-1 Attachment screw 4mm Allen Key, Coin Cut, Hand operated D ring
Hand Strap Attachment Opening 19x3mm
Sling Strap Attachment Opening 12mm diameter
4mm Allen Key included




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The top surface of the QR plate offers 4 inserts in hard rubber. These inserts provide a very firm an stable support to your camera. At the same time they minimize the possibility of rotation and protect the bottom of the camera for any possible scratching of the surface.


The 4V QR Plate is fixed on the camera tripod attachment by mean of a standard 1/4 screw and it can be tightened by using three tool options: 1 – a standard 4mm L shaped Allen Key (included) 2 – a coin or large flat screw driver 3 – by hand using the D ring For optimal performance and safety we recommend to use the included or equivalent 4mm Allen Key.


The locking screw is off-centered and it can be repositioned longitudinally by 9mm. This design solution is very important and allows to adapt the plate to a wide number of camera bodies. The plate can be positioned transversally or longitudinally accordingly to the camera size.


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